I have owned this hottub since 2007 with only 1 problem with the spa, and nothing to do with LBI. Seems when we had a brown out, some board for the heater broke, the other thing was I bought a new cover online because I thought it was cheaper, so was the material it was made out of.

I will be going to the store soon to buy a new cover before the winter starts. Our spa is on 24/7 everyday of the year, always ready for us to use.
Earl Gelnaw

My wife and I first purchased a spa from LBI Hot Springs’ Surf City store about three years ago. The spa was to be installed on the roof of our LBI home. Jack the owner of LBI Hot Springs convinced us to also purchase “hurricane straps” to secure the cover during high winds and storms. That turned out to be a great recommendation as evidenced by the fact our tub and cover survived unscathed during the 75 mph winds of hurricanes Irene and Sandy. Thanks to all at LBI Hot Springs!

After extensive research I decided to buy my hot tub (Bolt, 220 amp) from LBI Hot Springs. I had it up and running in September and have enjoyed it for the past two months. Their prices were consistent with even Costco’s and BJ’s. The Hot Springs brand is second to none. The electric cost was approximately $20/mo. Amy in Ship Bottom was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. I took her advice regarding the proper base for the tub and how to properly cover the tub. I am glad to report that even after Sandy, the tub went on (11/5/12) yesterday. Thanks, Amy.
Thomas Lombardi

I have owned my Hot Springs hot tub since 2005 and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made, but the smartest decision, was purchasing it at LBI HotSprings. The people that work there are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Their service is always top-notch and done right.

I would personally like to mention and thank Amy for all her help over the years and particularly her patience. Amy will always take her time and answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction. Amy is also someone who will follow up on a question or suggestion until she gets the answer for you. God knows being the person I am, who has a million questions, she has always been patient and helpful and always with a smile.
Thank you,
Keith Johnston

I have owed hot tubs for over twenty years. I can say LBI has been hands down my best experience with any company at the Shore. In addition to the superior product they offer, their committment to personal customer service is remarkable. From the sales staff to the service reps, everone is focused on gettting it right for the client. I have and will continue to recommend to all that ask.

Have had our spa since 2009, and have been treated very well on all occasiion, it’s nice to feel like part of the family when you do busineess with LBI Hot Springs….the servce it great, the product is great…“
Thanks for all you do to make our summers the best for our family of 14…
Sam Farruggio